How To Do Properly knotless Braids Medium Hairstyles

knotless Braids Medium Hairstyles Guide

Knotless braids are a stylish and protective way for anyone who wants to give their hair a break from a regular style like daily manipulation and heat styling. This type of style is also important for the people who have a natural hair and want to look their hair more natural without any kind of damaging also for those who want to maintain their hairs length and quality. In this article today we will discuss about some steps by which anyone can make this style can do knotless Braids Medium. So keep going this article.

Here we will discuss about some steps how can  do this knotless braids medium so easily. This step by step guidelines will give you accurate style.

Step 1: Prepare your hair

First you have to prepare your hair for the knotless braids medium hairstyle. You have to clean and moisturized your hair. It is best to wash and condition your hair some days before getting this braids style. This will make your hair the tome to settle and manageable. It also recommended that you have to use some conditioner or some oil to ensure your hair hydrated.

Step 2: Section your hair

You have to section your hair after preparing your hair. You can use here a comb to section your hair. The section of your hair will depend on the basis of style what knotless braids medium you want to make. For medium braids medium you have to section your hair one inch gap. Use some Clips by which you can ensure that your hair will not be mixed up while doing this style.

Step 3: Start braiding your hair

This is the step where your hair is ready to do this knotless braids medium hairstyles. Starting from the neck side hair and make them three part to which you want to make knotless Braids Medium hairstyle. Then begin crossing one part with another to make braids with the help of your hair. You have to do this process again and again until it reaches the last part of your hair. Be patient take time to make braidsin single part of your hair. You have to trim your hair at the end.

Step 4: Trim your hair at the end

Once all the braids of your hair complete then you have to use a pair of scissors to trim at the end to your desired length. Make sure to use a sharp scissors cut an angle and make sure your hair would not be frayed.

Step 5: Style your Braids

Finally, Style your Braids as desired. You can wear them down and put them into a ponytail. Or can make some braids into bun or in a UpDo style. You can also add some accessories to make some extra look and desired functioning of your hair.


In conclusion we can say that knotless braids medium hairstyles can be a protective style for the people having medium length hair. As this is the simplest way to do so people having medium length hair can do this style easily.

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