How To Properly Wear Glasses With Headphones

Do you love listening to music while you work out, but don’t want your glasses to get in the way? Here are some tips on how to wear glasses with headphones so you can still enjoy your favorite tunes while staying safe and stylish.


Put the glasses on first:

There are two ways to approach wearing glasses with headphones. The first is to put the glasses on first, then put your headphones on over them. When you are choosing which headphone size to use, look for ones that are adjustable so they can fit over your glasses without slipping or pinching. Keep your head straight, Even if you have adjusted the headphones to fit over your glasses, it is important to keep your head straight when using them. If you turn your head too far in either direction, the earpieces of your headphones could slip off or even snap under all that pressure. Make sure the headphone wire goes underneath the glasses: Not only does this help keep your headphones stable, but putting the wire underneath the glasses will help you avoid scratching them or leaving a hard, visible line on your lenses after a long day of wear. Keep your hair pulled back, It’s important to keep hair pulled back from any area where headphones are going to be touching skin. This will reduce the risk of damage and irritation as well as help you relax knowing that everything.


Put on the headphones:

When you are putting on your headphones, make sure they sit above your glasses and follow the same path as your frames. Then thread the headphone wire underneath the glasses, but not underneath any hair (you don’t want to cause a bad tangle). Make sure that there is at least 1 inch of space between the headband of your headphones and your glasses. This will make sure the headphones are stable and comfortable to wear.

Wearing headphones with glasses has many benefits. Not only does it look stylish and keep your hair out of the way during a workout, but it also keeps you safe by keeping those headphone wires away from moving hands and arms. Wearing headphones over your glasses takes that safety one step further and helps ensure that none of those loose wire ends can snap.


Adjust both items to a comfortable position:

Before you hit the gym, make sure to adjust both your headphones and glasses until they are comfortable enough for you to take on a long day of fitness. This is crucial for keeping you feeling great throughout your workout and beyond.

Looking good while wearing glasses with headphones can help you keep a comfortable, stylish edge at the gym or on the go. You’ll look cool and feel safe knowing that this combination of accessories won’t slip, snap, or break.


If something is blurry, take off the glasses and put them back on:

If you are wearing glasses with headphones and seeing something that is blurry, take off the glasses and put them back on. Then notice if your vision improves or gets worse. If your vision seems to get better when you’re not wearing the headphones, then there might be some adjustment issues that need to be resolved.

Adjust your hair so it doesn’t get in your face when wearing headphones: You can use a headband to keep your hair out of the way. Put your earbuds in either straight from above, or come around from behind and put them into your ears that way.


Smile! You’re rocking this look:

Wearing glasses with headphones can be stylish, comfortable, and safe. There is no reason to avoid wearing this unique look when you are on the go or at the gym. If you decide that this look isn’t for you (which is unlikely), then there are many other ways to wear traditional glasses alone while still enjoying high-quality audio.

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