A Trendy Butterfly Braids Hairstyles Guide

Top 5 Trendy Butterfly Braids Hairstyles

Butterfly Braids hairstyle is a popular and outstanding style today. Most of girls and boys who have a long hair try for this hairstyle. But the number of girls are more than the boys. Especially this hairstyle suit to the girls having a long hair. Everyone wants to be sophisticated and want to look more beautiful in any parties or function. So this hairstyle will help you in many ways. Today in this article  we will discuss about the different style and how to do butterfly braids hair style. So stay tuned and keep eyes in this article.

Butterfly hairstyles means making a butterfly pattern on hairstyle using braids. This simple hacks will give you advantage in many ways like you can make you look more beautiful than before. You will feel that you are looking more beautiful than others.

How to create butterfly braids

First you have to clean and dry your hair. Then you have to put some cream or serum to your hair to take control of your hair. Part your hair in two part and separate them smoothly. Then you need to braids your hair and tied it with an elastic. It would be good if you separate your hair in three part.

Here we will discuss about some trendy style about the butterfly braids and suggest you how to do that.

Butterfly box Braids

This is the easiest and more stylish than any other method of having butterfly Braids hairstyle. To do this style you have to braids your hair first. Then you have to make a box by using the braids which is made by you sometimes ago. This style is really outstanding to have. This style is really perfect for shows, outing and some other parting.

Butterfly knotless braids

Knotless butterfly braids will be your outstanding outlook if you can do it perfectly. This will make you crazy. People around you look you will go crazy. This braids don’t have any knot. This is totally knotless. Without any knot to your hair butterfly shape will be in your hairstyle. And it looks so beautiful and crazy.

Butterfly braids locks

Your hair will contain butterfly braids but your braids will connected through locks. You can only get it by water wave. And this style will give you an extra vibes of having a lot of hair in your head and it will more suitable for any party or hangout with your friends.

Butterfly braids side part Ponytail

This style of hair include your hair will be braids in one side of your head and other side of your head will be opened and have butterfly shape exactly here. This type of style is suitable for a party or an exhibition.

Butterfly braids two sides

It means butterfly braids will be in the two side of your head. Middle part of your head will be opened. You can make your hairstyle outstanding by doing this simple things. This will give you a vibes like star.


These are the some basic butterfly braids hairstyle you can easily do for styling your hair at home for any kind of function or party.

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