How To Properly Wear Crew Socks With Sneakers

There are many ways to wear crew socks with sneakers. Some people might tuck their socks into their sneakers, while others might let them hang out. Here are a few tips on how to wear your crew socks with sneakers the right way.

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Wear crew socks with sneakers for a sporty look:

  • Have them peek out under your cuffs. Wear the cuff of your pants over top of the cuff of your socks, exposing some sock but keeping it all hidden. The best thing about this is that you can keep wearing the socks after they start to wear thin without anyone knowing.
  • Fold or scrunch down your crew socks for a different look. Fold them down to a thick cuff, or scrunch it down for a thinner look.
  • Let your crew socks peek out from under the tongues of your sneakers. This is my favorite way to wear this kind of socks with sneakers because they’re always comfortable and don’t show any signs of wearing thin or getting dirty too quickly. You don’t want to let it show too much since you’ll probably get socks full of dirt every time you take off your shoes.
  • Pair your casual sneakers with dress pants and long socks for a formal look. Keep in mind that the longer the sock is, the fancier they will look when paired with dress pants.
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Pair with shorts or jeans to dress up the outfit:

  • Shorter crew socks will still work with sneakers, but you can also wear them with a pair of jeans or shorts. It’s a good way to spice up your outfit when all you’re wearing is a simple tee and some athletic shoes. Fold down the cuff of your socks in this case for an extra layer that’ll keep your legs warm during the chilly months.
  • Wear your crew socks with shorts for a casual look. It’s perfect when you’re wearing jeans because it’ll be pretty much impossible to show what color your socks are unless you wear ankle socks, which isn’t very practical if you live in cold areas or if it’s raining outside. You can still dress up your look, even if you’re wearing shorts for this one.
  • Wear them under your jeans to avoid getting holes in the back of your legs. The cotton material that crew socks are made out of is too thick to wear with denim or leather pants. The friction between your skin and these materials will eventually cause your skin to tear open, so it’s best to just avoid wearing them altogether.
  • Wear your ankle socks with your sneakers when you’re not planning on staying out all day or night. Ankle socks are very lightweight and will make it easier for you to run across the street in between cars, if necessary, without having any troubles.
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Mix and match with other styles of socks:

  • Wear them with knee highs to give your ankles some support. This is perfect if you’re wearing a pair of heels or platform shoes because it’ll keep your feet from getting tired, even if you have to walk around all day because there’s no bus stop nearby or public transportation doesn’t go where you need to go for work.
  • Wear them with knee high boots for a sporty look. Knee high boots are usually made for the colder seasons, so it’s a good idea to wear some thin socks underneath to keep your feet from freezing.
  • Wear colorful ankle socks with black shoes and pants to match. Choose a pair of dark sneakers if you want this outfit to be subtle and understated, or choose a pair of bright sneakers if you want your outfit to pop.
  • Wear your ankle socks with heels for a simple look. Heels go perfectly with ankle socks because it’ll make your legs look longer and more slender — there’s no better accessory than that when it comes to fashion.
  • Wear your ankle socks with your favorite pair of high tops when you’re not planning on staying out late. These outfits are perfect if you live in colder areas or climates because it allows your lower legs to breathe instead of getting stuck inside a sweaty plastic overshoe all day long.
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For a more formal look, try wearing crew socks with dress shoes :

  • This is another casual look that’s perfect for wearing with shorts. The darker colors of ankle socks will match most types of pants and shirts, so it won’t be too difficult to choose the right outfit to wear with them. You can also use this type of sock when you plan on going out at night by matching them with a pair of dark jeans and a dress shirt.
  • Match your ankle socks with dress pants if you want to wear them for work or formal occasions. The longer the socks are, the more formal they will look when paired with business attire. Just make sure that your shoes aren’t too flashy or outlandish because it’ll take away from what you’re wearing on your lower half. There are seemingly an infinite number of ways to wear your ankle socks for every occasion, whether it’s during the day or night. Be creative and come up with new ways to show off your personal style!
  • Wear them whenever you feel like it. The only time you’re not supposed to wear them is when you go swimming.
  • Wear them under your jeans if you want. There’s no law that says that wearing socks with jeans is wrong or goes against fashion rules, so do whatever makes you more comfortable in terms of what types of clothes you’ll be wearing on your lower half.
  • Wear them with high socks. It might seem like a weird combination at first, but think about it: cotton can help absorb excess moisture and wick it away from the skin — so even though you’re wearing two types of fabrics on your legs, they won’t cause any type of irritation or leave sweat stains behind.
  • Go sockless. This is the very definition of casual, so pair your cotton socks with shorts or pants that you want to look more relaxed and put-together.
  • Go sockless with support. Ankle socks are perfect for wearing with platform shoes because it’ll keep you from feeling like an idiot while walking down hills that seem steeper than they actually are.
  • Wear them with dress shoes. Just make sure to fold them over once or twice so you don’t look like a nerd from the ’80s who walked around in high socks with their dress pants and slicked back hair all day long.

Things to avoid doing when wearing crew socks with sneakers:

  • Don’t wear ankle socks with dress pants. It’ll look too casual for work unless you’re working somewhere that’s pretty laid back, like a summer camp or some other job where employees are allowed to dress the way they want. Even then, wearing ankle socks might be pushing it since they show off your feet.
  • Don’t wear ankle socks with sneakers. They aren’t designed to keep your feet warm and they’ll only cause you more trouble than you already have if there’s any snow on the ground. Save ankle socks for colder seasons so you can wear them with boots or high top shoes without having to worry about getting frostbite halfway through the day.
  • Don’t wear them with high heels. They’ll get in the way of your legs, which is one of the things you want to avoid when wearing heels because it’ll ruin your outfit. Keep them for sneakers or boots only so you can stay comfortable without having to worry about getting blisters on your heels or toes.
  • Don’t wear ankle socks with leather or denim pants. The material will stick to your skin, which you don’t want to happen during work hours unless it’s a summertime job where no one wears long sleeves anymore. Leather and denim are meant for colder seasons only so you can accommodate the clothing with socks that won’t make you feel too hot or too cold.

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