How To Style With POP Smoke Braids Hairstyles

POP Smoke Braids Hairstyles Properly Guide

Pop smoke hairstyle is the greatest hairstyle of all. This pop smoke hairstyle is so adorable and stunning and everyone can do this pop smoke braids hairstyle so easily. This hairstyle comes from a renowned singer named Bashar Barakah Jackson. From that time his pop smoke braided hairstyles spread to his fans. This days most of the people from music and general background are becoming so interested with this pop smoke braided hairstyles. Today in this article we will discuss about some style with pop smoke braided hairstyles.

You can do this style so easily by maintaining some steps and really this hairstyle helps you to look more stunning and handsome. So follow this step and you will have this style.

Choose the right hair length

Before starting pop smoke braided Hairstyle, you need to choose your right hair length for first. You have to ensure that your hair is long enough to make pop smoke braided hairstyles. Pop smoke braided hairstyles is especially for long hair so you need to grow out your hair. You need to use some hair extension.

Part your hair

After growing your hair you need  to part your hair for pop smoke braided Hairstyle. As part is needed for pop smoke braided hairstyle. You have to turn back your hair from the front part of your head as it is necessary to make same hair in the back and front part of your hair. So parting your hair is so much important for making pop smoke braided hairstyles.

Braid the front section

After parting your hair you have to braid your front sectioned hair first.  Take one part of your hair from the front side and start making braid from font side towards the back art of your hair. You can make braid to the end or give one inches gap for braided your pop smoke braids hairstyle.

Braid the back section

You have to braids your back hair after making braids to your front side hair. Make braids at the back at your head. Section your hair into three part of your hair and make braids from this part. Then braid the way to the end. Repeat this steps with the rest of your hair until all the hair is braided.

Style your hair

All the steps are finished now it is time to style your hair. You can make any kind of style with this pop smoke braids hairstyle. You can also add some accessories which make your braids so stunning and you will look more stunning them any time before.


In conclusion we can say that pop smoke braids hairstyle will give you a stunning look to have. You can do it easily in your home. You don’t need to do anything extra for making pop smoke braided hairstyles. So why not try this kind of pop smoke braided hairstyles.

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