Tattoo Design Tips for Beginners Guideline

Tattoo Design Tips for Beginners Proper Guide

Tattooing is a great way to express yourself, but it can also be intimidating. There are many different styles, types, and colors of tattoos out there that you want to try your hand at.

Don’t rush yourself

If you’re a beginner, don’t rush yourself. You’ll end up with a better tattoo experience and be more relaxed if you take your time. It’s not about the money; it’s about the art! You can always go back for another session later on in life if this one doesn’t turn out well or if something else comes up that requires attention from an artist.

Know What You Want Before Tattoo Day

You need to know your design and size before you go ahead with the tattooing.

You should also have a clear understanding of what colors you want to use for your tattoo, as this will help in making sure the artist understands what kind of effects he/she can achieve with that particular design.

The Size Of The Design.

There are many different sizes of designs available, ranging from small to large. Smaller designs tend to be more affordable than larger ones, so they are often used by beginners who are just getting started with tattooing. Larger designs are usually reserved for experienced artists who have mastered the craft.

The Location Of The Design.

You also need to decide where you want to place the tattoo. If you plan to cover a lot of skin areas, then you will probably want to choose a design that covers a large portion of your body. However, if you only want one small design, then you might prefer something smaller.

The Color Of The Design.

There are different colors available for tattoos. These colors range from black, white, gray, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown, and silver. Each color has its own meaning. Black represents death, while white symbolizes purity. Gray means sadness, blue means trustworthiness, red means love, green means growth, yellow means happiness, orange means friendship, purple means royalty, pink means innocence, brown means wisdom, and silver means mystery.

Eat Something and Stay Hydrated Before Your Session

  • Before you get a tattoo, eat something.
  • Drink plenty of water before your session.
  • If you don’t eat or drink, you’ll be dehydrated and that’s bad news for tattoos! Dehydration can lead to nausea, dizziness, and fainting.
  • Bring your own snacks.
  • Bring a water bottle.


Take a deep breath, and try to relax your muscles. You can also do this by taking a nap before the session or thinking about something else while waiting for your tattoo artist to arrive at their shop.

Where to buy Beginners tattoo kit

You can buy tattoo kit from the following e-commerce stores 

  • Amazon.
  • eBay. 
  • Walmart.
  • Etsy.
  • Bottom Line.


With these Tattoo Design Tips for Beginners, you can be sure that your tattoo will be beautiful and perfect. You will have a great day at the tattoo parlor, enjoy your tattoo and get to the point where you want to take it off!

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