How To Upgrade Your Daily Routine Clothing with Some Basic Changes?

How To Upgrade Your Daily Routine Clothing with Some Basic Changes?

Every woman wants to remain fashion forward and let her style attract attention, WHILE staying on budget! It may seem like something hard to attain, you totally can rock your fashion game with some basic tweaks in your everyday clothing.

The key is to keep a capsule wardrobe and experiment with different clothing combos! For example, a basic women’s leather jacket when styled with an equally stylish ribbed crop top and high-waist jean could be a game changer, all while utilizing your existing clothes. Want to know more ideas to upgrade your daily routine clothing with some basic changes? Find out below!

First, Make Sure Your Clothes Fit You Well

No matter how chic your clothes are, you cannot look your finest if they don’t fit your body nicely. You should keep only those clothes in your wardrobe that are suitable for your body type and fit your size. Only then you are able to play with them well to upgrade your everyday styling.

Make Sure to Wear The Right Pants

Not every pair of pants matches every top, so you need to be extra cautious here while styling yourself. Everyone must have a pair of straight-fit boyfriend jeans, high-waist flared denims, slouchy denims, cotton chinos, and plain leather pants. If you are wearing fitted jeans, make sure to wear a comparatively loose shirt or blouse. Similarly, with a tight-fit top or sweater, you need to wear loose-fit jeans. This ensures equilibrium in your outfit that is a pre-requisite for perfect styling.

Added Tip:

Frayed and distressed denims are never out of style, and they instantly give you a trendy vibe. You can even DIY and upgrade the jeans already in your closet by watching a few YouTube Tutorials.

Try Some DIYs

There are many easiest DIYs to renovate your routine clothes in a matter of minutes. You can go with the trend and experiment with tie-and-dye. Or, you can paint your clothes using fabric paints to add a bit of personal touch. There is also an option to go for a little embroidery on your jacket pockets to be more creative.

If you are someone who likes to be a bit funky, you can choose vinyl pastings or stickers that can easily be ironed. For example, you can customize your plain tee by pasting a sticker phrase that flaunts the hidden side of your personality. Pasting studs and embellishments on the hem of your jeans or on the neckline of a plain tunic can also make you look artsy!

Utilize Your Scarfs

Scarfs are not only intended to simply throw around your neck; you can also experiment with them to elevate your dull outings so easily! You can wear a bright silk or poplin scarf over your neutral-coloured shirts in a variety of techniques. For example, you can make a knot out of it, boho loop tie, shoulder duster, double loop, neck-wrap, or make a fancy braided loop with it. This is a definite way to add some charm and elegance in your routine outfits.

Added Tip:

You know you can even tie up your scarf smartly and wear it as an arm cover-up, sarong, kimono, skirt, or a bandana. Fascinating, no?

Some Layering Doesn’t Hurt Anybody

Everyone got a routine clothing line comprising shirts, blouses, tees, sweaters, vests, and tunics. However, wearing them plainly wouldn’t give you that kick you need in your everyday outfit. The easiest way to transform a boring top is to complement it with a piece of layering!

It could be anything such as a jacket, oversized hoodie, coat, cardigan, or a blazer. One of the most attractive and timeless pieces of layering to tweak your dull tees and blouses are women’s biker jackets. Apart from it, an acidic-wash denim jacket and solid zipper hoodie could look really fine over a sweatshirt, ribbed vest, or a plain buttoned collar shirt.

Apart from it, invest in a good quality leather blazer and straight sleeveless coat for when you need to step out without giving much effort to your clothing. Woven cardigan looks really cool over V-neck tees, so you can definitely give them a go.

Try Tuck-Ins

Simply tucking-in your shirts entirely or from one end can be a smart way to change your look instantly! For example, try wearing your woven sweater tucked inside your leather pants, and you would look like a Hollywood star without a doubt!

Similarly, tucking your collared shirt inside jeans, skirts, or shorts would give the same sexy effect. You can even tuck in your flowy blouse in your khakis to look business casual yet classy.

Added Tip:

Don’t forget to wear a nice belt while experimenting with this idea; you certainly don’t want a rough or torn belt peeking through your clothes!

Play With Colours

This is not an era of ensuring strict matching while dressing up. You can easily style yourself using monotones (trending currently and beyond) or mix and match two good colours to make a combo of your own using your existing wardrobe. Just make sure to wear colours according to your occasion and keep in mind the weather!

Never Forget the Simplicity Principle

To look your best, you don’t need to look flashy, gaudy, or overly styled. Simplicity is undoubtedly the best policy when it comes to routine styling. Not only simple plain clothes worn confidently look finest, but they are also easy on the pocket. For example, a cute cropped white tee when worn simply over ripped denim shorts would make your everyday clothing look 10/10!


A typical day of a fashionable woman demands upgrading her routine clothing with some basic ideas, and this blog is an easy guide for every such woman. We cannot just wear new clothes every other day; it is simply not possible nor sustainable. You can further keep up with fashion trends by following inspirational content on social media, while at the same time, never being shy away from experimenting with your clothes!

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