How To Wear Rosary As Bracelet On Hand

Do you love wearing rosaries, but don’t know how to keep them on your hand? Here’s a simple guide on how to wear a rosary as a bracelet on your hand. With this method, you can keep your faith close to you at all times.


Step 1: Before putting your rosary bracelets on

(you can do this any time of the day), make sure that you take a shower or bath. The way to wear rosaries as bracelet is having the water open up the beads. Just like all other beads, rosaries beads love moisture and feel much better when they are wet. It helps them slide (more easily) off your hand.


Step 2: After bathing, take a dry towel and gently wipe down your hands and wrists.

Give yourself enough time to let it absorb excess water before wearing the rosary bracelet because if you don’t wait for it to dry just a little bit, the string will not be able to slide. If you need to, turn on a fan or use a blow dryer. This step can be done just as easily before going to sleep as it is right after taking a shower/bath because the beads will still slide well even if your hands are damp from sweat.


Step 3: Either hold the cross part of the rosary with one hand

take both strings in between your thumb and index finger or simply lay them down flat against your palm or wrist. The way to wear rosaries as bracelets will depend on what feels best for you since there isn’t a specific rule you have to follow when putting them on. Experiment with how they feel each way so that you know which one works best for yourself.


Step 4: While holding the cross part of the rosary or laying flat against your wrist

Take the loop that is closer to the cross part and lay it down against either side of your hand. It should make contact with both sides because you are wearing them as a bracelet.


Step 5: Now take the other loop

(the one closest to where both strings meet) and pull it up under your palm. This strand will be between your fingers if you’re wearing them as a bracelet on each hand. If it feels good for you to have this strand next to one finger more than another, then go ahead and put it there because that’s how you wear rosary bracelets.


Step 6: Take what used to be the end string

(it’s now in between your fingers) and pull it all the way down to that area where both strings meet. The loop should stay in between your fingers because you’re wearing them as a bracelet. Be careful when doing this step so you don’t accidentally slip the string off of either side of your hand or mess up how they are placed on your wrist/palm.


This is the most important step of putting your rosary bracelets on.

  • Take the other strand (the one that was closest to the cross part and is now laying against your hand) and pull it all the way down so that the loop goes underneath your wrist. The reason why you want to take this step is because it will keep your rosary bracelet in place after you start to move around your hand and that will prevent the strings from all sliding down.
  • Now take the loop (it’s on your wrist) and pull it over your hand. The string should be touching skin, but not on top of it because that will make them feel funny when you move your hands. You can begin to wrap the strand around if that feels comfortable for you and then hold the cross part of your rosary with one hand.

Conclusion: Now that the rosary bracelet is on, it’s a great time to pray with it ! You can also use it while you’re doing other tasks that require your hands. If it feels weird to be wearing them around your wrist, then you can always switch it to being held by one hand , but this is how you wear rosary bracelets.

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