How To Stitch Saree Blouse

Saree Blouse is one of the most popular dress of the Indian women. Women’s sari has a wide variety of styles and designs and is a part of daily wear. In the present time, people also prefer the embroidery saree blouse. They wear it as a casual, party, wedding etc. The saree blouse comes with a broad range of accessories and it also depends on the color and design of the saree. There are different kinds of saree blouses that are designed with different colors and fabrics. Some are made with pure silk or cotton fabric while others are made up of woolen or synthetic fabric. You can find different types of blouses such as plain blouses, embroidered blouses, patchwork blouses, printed blouses etc. You can find a wide variety of blouses in terms of design and style. The blouses can be stitched with a variety of techniques such as overlock, hand sewing, quilting etc.

A blouse that looks like a sari can make a girl feel more confident, even if she wears it with jeans. It makes her look less shy about her choice of outfit. For this reason, if you wear a blouse, which looks like a sari, your confidence level will be high, no matter what else you’re wearing. Keep reading for tips on how to stitch saree blouse.

Taking Measurements for Your Blouse for stitch sari blouse

It is important to measure the blouse before you stitch it. You need to make sure that the blouse fits you properly and that you have enough fabric to finish the work. If you don’t have enough fabric, you can either use a different material or add more layers.

Back & Front Length for Your Blouse for stitch saree blouse

For your blouse, back length should be at least 4 inches above your waist and front length should be at least 2 inches below your waist.

This is one of the most important things to remember when selecting the right blouse for a saree. While choosing the length of blouse, it should be remembered that the blouse should fit at the back of the neck, the front of the chest and the back of the waist.

Back length is the distance from the center of the neck to the top of the back. Front length is the distance from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the front.

Chest & Waist For Blouse for stitch saree blouse

Chest and waist are two important areas in a blouse. A good blouse should have a long neckline and full sleeves. The blouse should be well fitted and should not be loose or tight around the chest and waist. The blouse should have a good fit saree.

For the blouse for the stitch saree blouse, the waist should be Armhole Depth and Necklinebelow the navel and the chest should be above the collar bone.

Armhole Depth and Neckline For Blouse for stitch saree blouse

Armhole depth and neckline should be considered together. If the armhole depth is too deep, then it will be difficult to wear a blouse with a high neckline. If the neckline is too high, then the armhole depth will be too shallow.

In the Indian traditional blouses, the armhole is usually deep, and neckline is usually shallow. This is to show off the beauty of the sari blouse. If you want to wear a blouse with a deep armhole, you can try to wear a blouse with a very high neckline.

Sleeve Length For Blouse for stitch saree blouse

Length of sleeves on blouse depends upon the length of the blouse and the length of the saree. In case of blouse, if the blouse has sleeves with length more than the length of the saree, then there is no problem. But if the blouse has sleeves with length less than the length of the saree, then it should be taken into consideration.

Prepare the blouse clothing piece

To prepare the blouse, take off the sleeves and then fold each of the four sides in half. Then, cut along the seam on the inside of the shirt, leaving the top part intact. Fold each of the four corners in half and place them on the inside of the shirt.

Mark the required measurements on the backside

you will need to measure the width of your shoulders from the top of your shoulder blades to the bottom of your shoulder blades. Then measure your chest from the bottom of your collar bone to the top of your nipple. Finally, measure your waist from the top of your hipbones to the bottom of your rib cage.

Prepare the front button section

If you want to prepare the front button section, you can take a piece of cardboard and cut out the shape of the button section, and then put the cardboard in between the two halves of the shirt.

This section is the area where you will put your buttons and buckles. You should keep in mind that the more buttons there are, the harder it will be to get dressed.

This is the area where you will put your belt. If your belt is too loose, it will slip off your pants. If your belt is too tight, it will hurt your back.

Stitch up the front and backside For saree blouse

If you stitch the front and backside of your saree blouse, it will last longer. It is easier to wash and wear. It is considered good luck if you stitch the front and backside of a saree blouse.

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