What Sunglasses Does Harvey Specter Wear Tips And Guideline

The sunglasses that Harvey Specter, one of the lead characters in the TV show Suits, wears are a big deal. In fact, there was an entire episode dedicated to him finding the perfect pair. So what makes his sunglasses so special? Read on to find out!


What Type of Sunglasses Does Harvey Specter Wear

Specter’s preferred sunglasses are made by a German company named JB Berlin. They’re a small company that makes sunglasses for over 25 brands. Specter’s specific pair is the JB-944, and they cost $340 at the time of writing.

Specter’s sunglasses are round with brown lenses and gold arms. They feature a unique reflective coating on top of the lenses, a technique pioneered by JB Berlin in 2012 called “Eclipse”. The gold arms have hinges so they can be folded up or down when not being worn, though Specter almost never removes them to reveal his eyes unless something really bad happens. It isn’t clear what model these are, but their color suggests either the 2002 or 2004 model lines.

Harvey Specter is Known For His Stylish Sunglasses

Specter wears these sunglasses almost everywhere. They’re his signature accessory and serve as a symbol of his fast-paced life and high-class status that he holds over other lawyers in the show. He’s only been seen without them twice: once during an intense negotiation with someone who had more dirt on him than he was comfortable letting out (he did this purposefully to intimidate them), and the other time when he had one of his eyes injured and didn’t feel like getting surgery to fix it immediately so he temporarily wore regular glasses instead.

Harvey Specter, one of TV’s most stylish attorneys, always looks sharp in his sunglasses

Specter’s sunglasses are an example of his careful attention to detail and how he cares about his personal presentation. They’re a large part of what makes him such a fashionable character, and if you want to dress like someone who works at the top law firm in New York City, then JB Berlin’s line of Harvey Specter sunglasses are just what you need.

Also, the entire episode where he had to find a new pair of sunglasses is available on Netflix. You can check it out if you want to see what the sunglasses look like on someone other than Specter.

What face shape do you have?

Ideal sunglasses for this face shape: Oval (Diamond) – Any style that fits your face. Round (Obround, Pear) – Shiny and usually plastic. Square (Heart, Target) – Gives you a strong jawline and doesn’t make your chin look pointy. Triangular (Triangle, Rhombus) – Make sure they don’t accentuate the size of your forehead or make it look like you have a double chin.

Choose the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape and outfit

Formal outfits – Shiny and usually plastic. Casual outfits – Any style that fits your face. Sporty outfits – Darker lenses that protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays (usually polarized). Lighter glasses with no coloration at all make great alternatives when you’re playing sports or being active.

The best places to buy sunglasses

  • Sunglass Hut
  • Amazon
  • Any sunglasses store in your area (Fortune City, Market Station, etc.)

Conclusion: Have you seen Harvey Specter on the hit TV show “Suits” and wondered what type of sunglasses he wears? If so, we’ve got your answer. This style-savvy attorney always looks sharp in his sunglasses and it’s easy to spot him from a mile away. Start dressing like Harvey with this guide for choosing the right pair of glasses based on face shape or outfit!

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