How To Properly Wear Sunglasses Eyebrows

Sunglasses are a summer staple, but sometimes the way we wear them can be a little too predictable. This summer, switch things up by trying out some new sunglasses eyebrow combos. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


How to find the right sunglasses eyebrows for your face shape

If you’ve been blessed with a round or chubby face, then flattering sunglasses eyebrows are key to making your face appear less round. Our recommendation for this shape is to opt for a pair of straight brows that have a slight lift at the outer corner. This will create an elongating effect and make your chubby cheeks a little less noticeable.

To get these look, draw a very thin line with a brow pencil from the inner corner of your eye to the outside corner. Follow this lineup and bring it back down about two-thirds of the way toward your nose while keeping it slightly above where you would normally part your eyebrows. Fill in any sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil or a small brush and a matte eyeshadow.

For an alternative look, try wearing your sunglasses here but with a soft arch to soften the harsh line created by sunglasses eyebrows for round faces.


Sunglasses eyebrows with different outfits

For a casual outfit, throw on your favorite pair of ripped jeans, an off the shoulder top, and strappy sandals. For this look you’re going to want sunglasses eyebrows that are arched towards the outside corner with a thicker inner end. Look for sunglasses that have thinner arms to keep the entire look light and summery.

A great day to night look is to pair your favorite maxi dress with gladiator sandals and a fresh face of makeup. For this look, opt for sunglasses that have thick arms that taper down towards the lenses. Draw on thicker eyebrows with an angled brush and powder to keep them in place all day long.

If you’re going off to the beach, throw on your favorite bikini and a pair of sunglasses with thin arms. To keep this look looking extra cute, try wearing sunglasses eyebrows that are thicker in the middle and taper towards the outside edge. Draw them on straight to keep the natural effect, or go for an arch if you want to give yourself a little lift.

No matter how you choose to wear your sunglasses this summer, just be sure that you’re making the most of them. Keep in mind that sunglasses are not only a great way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they can also help downplay facial flaws and enhance your best features. Experiment with different sunglasses eyebrows combinations until you find the perfect pair for your face shape!


The best way to apply sunscreen when wearing sunglasses eyebrows

As we mentioned, sunglasses are not only great for protecting your eyes but they can also help shield you from harmful UV rays and enhance your best features. This is why wearing sunscreen underneath your sunglasses is very important! To learn about the best way to apply sunscreen when wearing sunglasses eyebrows, keep reading our article below.

If you’re wearing sunglasses, then it’s best to apply sunscreen before your makeup. However, if you have sensitive skin, applying sunscreen before makeup could cause additional irritation.

When you do decide to wear sunglasses, make sure that the product is approved by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). The AAD recommends using a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Remember that you will only get the full protection from your sunglasses if they provide 99% to 100% UVB and UVA blockage, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is also important that the lenses are dark enough to reduce visible light and blue light.


How to take care of your sunglasses eyebrows so they last longer

If you’re not careful, you might find that your sunglass’s eyebrows are fading away after just a few wears. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that your sunglasses will last longer. Follow these tips below to get the most out of your sunglasses!

  • Wipe off dirt and sweat every time after wearing them. Use a soft cloth to prevent scratching the lenses.
  • Be careful not to let sunglasses come in contact with chemicals, such as household cleaners or solvents. The strong chemicals may cause discoloration on the glasses frame.
  • Keep your sunglasses away from extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Extreme temperature changes can warp the frames and lenses of your sunglasses.
  • Remove your sunglasses before you go swimming. Chemicals and water can cause damage to the lenses of your sunglasses.
  • Be sure to carry a case when not wearing them so that you can properly store them in between uses! This will help prevent scratching or breaking the glasses.

Celebrity inspired looks for sunglasses eyebrows

For a trendy look that is both stylish and practical, try pairing sunglasses with eyebrows that have a definitive arch. You can also wear sunglasses with thicker eyebrows to help create the illusion of larger eyes. Try out different sunglasses eyebrow shapes so you can find the right fit for your face!

  • Pencil thin: For those with petite features who want to achieve a more defined look, try wearing sunglasses that have thin eyebrows. Draw them on straight or go for an arch if you want to give yourself a little lift. The lighter the shade of brows you choose, the less attention they will draw to your face.
  • Prominent: If a bold brow is what you’re going for, try wearing sunglasses with thick, dark eyebrows. Draw on bold arches to make your eyes pop and give off a more intense stare. If you’re not ready for such dramatic eyebrows yet, you can opt for the less intense look by choosing shades that are lighter in color or tinted gray or brown. This way, your brows will still have a strong shape and tone to them, but they won’t be quite as distracting.
  • Straight: The most natural brows are round and straight, which is why sunglasses eyebrows that follow this natural curve will give your face a younger look. Sunglasses with square or rectangular lenses tend to emphasize rounder brows, while aviator styles can make your brows look more angular. If you want to wear square sunglasses but still achieve a rounder look on top, opt for heart-shaped lenses.
  • Curved: Square and rectangular lens shapes don’t have as big of an impact on curved sunglasses eyebrows as they do with straight ones. This means that the curve won’t be as strong, so you can have a more natural-looking brow pair. When it comes to curved sunglasses eyebrows, the rounder your face is the less strong of an arch you should wear. If you’re looking for sunglasses that are more slimming, go with wider lenses and thinner frames instead.
  • Winged: The sharp winged look can be tough to pull off because it’s so dramatic. Unless you want to make a statement, avoid looking like an intimidating boss with sunglasses eyebrows that have strong arches and angles.

Conclusion: Although sunglasses eyebrows may seem like a frivolous accessory, they can actually play an important role in your overall look. By following the tips we’ve provided on how to find the right style for your face shape, wear them with different outfits, and take care of them properly, you can ensure that your sunglasses eyebrows always look their best.

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