How To Properly Wear False Eyelashes With Glasses

Do you love wearing false eyelashes but don’t know how to wear them with your glasses? Don’t worry, I have some tips for you. False eyelashes can add so much drama and glamour to an outfit, and they can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. It’s all about finding the right style of false eyelashes that fits your face and makes you feel comfortable. Here are some tips on how to wear false eyelashes with glasses.


How to put on false eyelashes with glasses:

Always start by curling your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler for a more dramatic look.

  • Choose a lash adhesive that is made specifically for false eyelashes to avoid irritation. These are usually latex free and hypoallergenic, which is important if you plan on wearing them for hours at a time.
  • When applying the lash adhesive, make sure to wait about thirty seconds or so for it to get tacky before carefully positioning your lashes. If you try and adjust your lashes too soon, they will just fall off. Firmly press along the lash strip to ensure the adhesive has taken hold. Wait 10-15 minutes for your lashes to dry before applying additional coats of mascara or eye shadow. You should also wait about 30 minutes before putting them back on again if you are planning on taking your lashes off at some point during the day.
  • If you are having trouble with your lashes slipping off, try using an oil-free eye makeup remover to remove any excess glue or mascara residue. You can also wear false lashes on top of your glasses instead of under them, but this is usually more for dresses and gowns rather than casual outfits.
  • Remember that if your glasses are new, you will need to break them in a bit before trying on false lashes for the first time.
  • Another option is to purchase contacts with removable prescription lenses that can be worn with or without your glasses. This way, you won’t have to worry about how to wear your new lashes and your glasses at the same time!

What type of false eyelashes to wear with glasses:

The type of false lashes you choose will depend on the outfit you are wearing and the effect you want to create.

  • If you are wearing a dress or other formal outfit, try to avoid lashes that have the same colors as your eye shadow. This can be challenging because many eyelashes come with strips of various colors for added drama. Instead, choose eyelashes that are all one color so it doesn’t look too busy.
  • Mink false lashes will create the most dramatic look, but they are also the priciest. If you don’t want to splurge on expensive lashes, go for faux mink lashes or synthetic fibers instead.
  • If your outfit is more casual, try one of the popular new lash styles like starburst lashes or flared lashes. These styles will brighten up your eyes and give you more of a doll-like look.
  • One easy way to get your lashes off is by using makeup remover wipes. This is a great option for quick touchups when you are in public or if you have to take your glasses on and off frequently throughout the day. You can also use petroleum jelly or baby oil to remove false eyelashes at the end of the day.

How to make your lashes look natural with glasses:

If you want your lashes to look as natural as possible, choose a lash style that is a few inches shorter than what you would normally wear. Avoid wearing lashes that are too full because they can give the appearance of having fewer eyelashes.

Also, avoid making your falsies too long because this will make it obvious that you are wearing false lashes. It’s easy to tell when lashes are too long because they tend to curl up or straighten out in an unnatural way.

The best lash styles for you will depend on your face shape and whether or not you’re wearing glasses. For example, round faces benefit from longer strands of lashes at the outer corners while square faces do better with short lashes that are concentrated near the middle.

End your eyelash look by curling the lashes with an eyelash curler and coating them with a few layers of mascara to blend them in with your natural eyelashes. This will help keep your lashes from looking too stiff after they’ve been curled and set into place.


How to wear false eyelashes with other accessories:

The only other accessory you need with your false eyelashes is your glasses! If you are wearing a dress or formal outfit, feel free to wear any pair of glasses that goes with your outfit. However, if you’re wearing casual clothes like jeans and a t-shirt, make sure the frames on your glasses match up. For example, don’t wear your glasses with a polka dot top and plaid pants.


Is it possible to sleep in false eyelashes?

It is possible to sleep in your false eyelashes, but only if they are attached properly. To prevent lashes from slipping off while you sleep, place a small strip of medical tape along with the outer corners of your eyes. Be sure to remove the tape before going out in public so you don’t accidentally pull lashes off your eyes or irritate them with the adhesive.


Outfit ideas for wearing false eyelashes with glasses

A great way to wear false eyelashes is by pairing them with a casual outfit. You can pair your lashes with sunglasses or readers depending on the length of your lashes and how much you want to stand out from the crowd. Sane tips on different outfits for wearing false eyelashes with glasses:

Tips for wearing false eyelashes in public: One concern many people have when wearing false eyelashes is that they will fall off or come loose while going about their daily routine. This can be a problem if you wear glasses because the lashes could poke your eyes out while you’re taking them off to put in your case. To prevent this from happening, stick a couple of bobby pins on the inside of your glasses arms. This will keep your lashes from falling off while you’re out and about.

In addition to this, don’t forget that it takes a little practice to apply false eyelashes correctly. Try practicing at home first before wearing them in public!

The best way to keep your lashes in place all day long: The easiest way to keep your false eyelashes in place is by using lash glue. Use a pair of tweezers to hold the false lashes by one end and apply a drop of glue to the band before pressing it onto your eyelid with the tip of the tweezer. Hold them in place for about 30 seconds or until they are firmly attached to your eyelid.

If you are having trouble applying lashes, give them a try at a local beauty supply store where experts can help you apply them for free!

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