How to Properly Wear A Flower Garland In Your Hair

There are many different ways to wear a flower garland in your hair. One of the most common ways is to tie it around a bun or ponytail, but there are other options as well. For example, you can braid small pieces of the garland and weave them into your hair. If you have a few days’ worths of buildup on top of your head, use the garland to cover it up by pulling all strands over that section. You could even knot the ends together just above one ear to create an “updo” without using too much extra effort or products.


Flower garland

A flower garland is simply a bunch of blooms connected with string or wire along both sides so they can be worn around the head like a crown. They come in many different sizes, colors, and styles.

The traditional way to wear a flower garland is by threading it through your hair, starting at the back of your head, and working your way around to the front. This can be a bit tricky, so you might want to use a friend to help you put it in. If your hair is very long, you can also let the garland hang down in the back like a tail.

Another option is to put the flower garland on top of your head like a tiara. This works best with shorter hair or if you have bangs that will cover the join between the flowers and the headband.


Flower crown

A flower crown is a type of hair accessory, worn over the top or front of the head. It has many small flowers attached to a thin metal frame that sits behind the head and over the forehead, with smaller loops going around both ears. This lightweight design makes it easy to wear for long periods of time.

flower crowns come in a few styles. The most popular style is a ring that fits right at the top of your head all around, a bit like a halo on a saint. There are also some which fit closer to your forehead so they cover only part of your hair from view. Finally, you can buy partial crowns which have much smaller loops instead of covering your whole cranium.

There’s no wrong way to wear a flower garland in your hair as long as you like how it looks and feels. However, if you want to make the most of your style, choose flowers that match or complement your outfit and makeup. You can also play around with different lengths and types of garlands. Some people like using thin wire for their crowns instead of a string, and some like making flower crowns with multiple colors rather than just one. Experiment and try new things!


how to wear a flower garland in your hair

  • Wear length: full or partial crown
  • Tie into one side or two
  • Attach with wire or string
  • Type of flowers worn on heads
  • Flower types/styles worn on heads
  • Flower colors worn on heads
  • Flower garland types/styles to wear in the hair
  • Flower garlands worn in different styles (e.g., around bun, ponytail; twisted into braid)
  • Type of headband/wire used to hold flower garland (e.g., helmet-like, thin wire)
  • Different ways to make a flower crown (type of metal frame used for flowers; style and size of chain; type of flowers; the amount of petals per flower; length and width of crown band)

You can also try different styles like wearing the garland around a bun or ponytail, or twisting it into a braid. And don’t forget about color! A flower garland can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, whether you go with bright blooms or something more subtle.

So let’s get started! First, choose the type of flower garland you want to wear. There are many different styles and sizes available, so find one that suits your taste. After that, decide on the color of flowers you want. Some people like to match their flower garland to a specific outfit or accessory, while others find putting a bright splash of color at the top of their head too distracting. You can experiment and see what looks best to you!

Gather your materials: string/wire/wire cutters; wire cutter pliers, if needed; scissors; 1-3 types of florals for garland (a variety is key!), large needle or hole punch, if using a non-wire type of garland. Then just start embellishing! Wrap the string around the florals from tip to base several times so they don’t fall out when worn. Knot it near each end and cut off the excess string. If using a wire garland, simply weave the wire in and out of the flower petals to keep them in place (be careful not to poke yourself!).

Now it’s time to put it on! For full crowns, fit the headband around your head and make sure the loops are positioned over your ears. If it’s too tight, you can easily stretch it out by bending it. Next, take the two end pieces of string/wire and tie them together behind your head. Make sure it’s tight so the flowers don’t move around. If there’s any extra slack, carefully cut it off with scissors. For partial crowns or tiaras, fit the band around your forehead so the bottom rests at the top of your head. Wrap the ends around and tie them together, just as you did with a full crown.

Now for the fun part! Decorate your flower garland with flowers by sliding them onto the string or wire from base to tip. You can also try mixing up different lengths and styles by combining individual florals from ponytail picks, wreaths, etc. Have fun playing around with it until you find the look you like best!

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