How To Make Half Red Half Black Hair Style Guide

How To Make Half Red Half Black Hair Style Guide

Half red and half black hair is a trending hairstyle now a days. It means half of your hair would be black and half of the hair would be red. This hairstyle is becoming more popular nowadays towards the young generation of different countries. People nowadays are trying to make them look more groomed simply by taking some hairstyle.

The most common reason why this type of fashion gaining more attention is that it suits any kind of skin tone. Any people having any skin tone can easily do this kind of fashion. As some of the hair colours don’t suit in every skin tone at all. Half black and half red hairstyle suit anyone in any skin tone.

Here in this article we will discuss about the different style of having half red and half black hair style in any type of skin tone. So stay tuned and keep reading.

Long half red and half black hair

This style includes dyeing half of your long hair red and half of your hair black. This is an amazing fashion for the women of all ages. You can bind your hair in many small piece of rope also. This can help you simply by adding some drama to your look. The main benefit of this style is that it gives a vibes that you have a longer hair.

Short half red and half black hairstyle

This style is also perfect for the small haired person who wants to make their hair look more gorgeous. Simply half red your hair with black colour on another side of your hair. This could help a person to show off the bold colour of their hair. This hair style could be perfect for the female as well as the male person. Both of them can do this kind of hair style if they want to have this kind of hairstyle.

Top half black and bottom half red

This style is the similar one with long hair style. But difference is in the process. You have to blended the colour with the other colour. You need to make your hair black at the top and in the bottom it would be red. Yiu can alter the steps by replacing red in the top and in bottom you can use black. This two types of style suit anyone most.

With bangs

Bangs could be a great way to frame and cover your face in a right way by half red and half black hairstyle. You can dye your hair with these two colours with the help of a bang.

Black hair with red highlights

You can easily do a style simple by highlighting your black hair with the help of the red colour in the upper layer. It will help you to look more pretty ever. It will also helps you to create an illusion of bold and fuller hair style.

Black hair with red ombre effect

The ombre effect means transitioning your hair with half red and half black hair style. These style incorporates the two colour in a balance way. It is nothing but coloured your hair black at the root and red at the end. It will give you a extra outfit for your hair as well.

Peekabo half red and half black hair

Pekabo half red and half black hairstyle is the finest method by which you can style your hair. It means coloured your inner hair with the red colour and it will remain black at the upper layer. It look so pretty that you can do it without any doubt.


These are some styles by which you can make your hair half red and half black as it is a trending outfit for your hair. It will also gives you some extra outfit to look you more beautiful.

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