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How To Remove Polarized Sticker From Sunglasses Guideline

If you have polarized sunglasses, then you’ve likely seen the annoying little sticker on the lens. Here’s a quick and easy way to remove it without damaging your sunglasses.

● STEP 1: Use your fingers to pick up a corner of the sticker. If it’s not coming off easily, add a little pressure and try again. NOTE: Do not put sharp objects underneath the sticker in an attempt to pry it off. You want to preserve the integrity of your sunglasses as much as possible, so avoid using non-flat surfaces to remove the sticker.

● STEP 2: Using a lint roller, roll it across the surface of the polarized lens in one direction. You can also use tape or just about any sticky adhesive remover you have laying around your house. NOTE: This will not be an easy process for most people, so if it’s taking too long, Stop here and consult with a professional before proceeding further. If you are very careful, however, You can proceed to step 3 without causing too much damage to your sunglasses. Again… caution is advised!

The adhesive has now been removed from the lens! *If you do not feel comfortable continuing at this point because of scratching on your lenses STOP HERE*

● STEP 3: Using Windex or another cleaner, clean the surface of your sunglasses. The adhesive should now come right off.

● STEP 4: If you did not completely remove the polarized sticker in step 2, Apply Goo Gone or any other adhesive removing solution to a cloth and rub it onto the spot where the polarized sticker was previously located. Again, Be very careful! Your glasses are still fragile to some degree at this point. NOTE: If your Goo Gone solution eats away at your lens coatings, Stop immediately! Do not continue until everything is fixed to your liking. Finish up by giving them another wipe down with Windex (or whatever cleaning agent you used in step 3). And there you have it! Another polarized sticker has been removed from your sunglasses. All that’s left is to be more careful the next time you’re ready to put them away for a long period of time.

Conclusion: Nowadays, Many sunglasses come with the polarized sticker already removed. If your sunglasses do not (or if you are unsure), it’s probably best to take them to a store for removal by an experienced professional. This process should only be used on older models of non-polarized sunglasses were applying pressure in certain directions could lead to cracking before the adhesive can be removed. Otherwise, The 3 easy steps outlined above should do the trick! Good luck, and safe sunning!

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